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Being a Personal Assistant


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You have chosen a rewarding career by providing assistance to someone which will enable them to live a fuller and more independent lifestyle.

Disabled people can now recruit a Personal Assistant (you!) independently, because the Government have introduced Personal Budgets, which basically means rather than receiving traditionally funded social care services within their home, the person is now offered the equivalent in cash to buy in their own care and support. The person has more freedom to build the life they truly want, which in turn means there is a greater focus on lifestyle support and that's where you come in!

It's not just about having help to get up and about in the morning anymore, a hot meal prepared or the vacuum cleaner run around, although of course these are vital for some people. The focus is on what the individual really wants and needs to build a meaningful lifestyle. Clearly the money available is not endless, so trekking the Alps and canoeing down the Indus River may be out. However, the scope is now greater for the more fun things in life as it has finally been recognised that a happy and productive lifestyle does not mean an existence where only basic requirements are met. Instead a lifestyle should include the living and experiencing of different activities that our local communities can offer.

This can involve but not be limited to, household chores and tasks, voluntary work placements, sports and hobbies and trips out. You may find yourself assisting the person for whom you work in going to the cinema, getting fit at the gym, doing a few lengths in the pool or having a Friday night down the local! Every role is different and every day is varied.  

Once you have registered, you can find out more information about how to be a great PA!