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Employing a Personal Assistant

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You have decided to employ a PA.

That's great, this way you will be in control over who delivers your support and when and how you receive it.

We can provide you with a 'Good Employer Toolkit' which gives you all the information you need to know about being an Employer, complete with sample contracts, recruitment letters and Job Descriptions, simply use the 'contact us' area once you are registered to request it. We will then email it to you. Should you wish to receive it in a hard copy format the cost will be £10.

The most important thing to think about going through this process is your safety. Be aware we cannot carry out verification checks on the PA's profiled in the site as we are not their employer; this is simply a job search facility like any other. That means it's down to you, the employer, to carry out the necessary checks. We highly recommend you;

  • Do not interview in your own home – meet at a neutral place
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany you while you interview
  • Check the PA's employment history carefully and ask the prospective PA to account for any gaps in their history
  • Get a Criminal Records Bureau Check on them before starting work for you
  • Follow up two referees and ask for references in writing (at least one should be a former employer)
  • Ask to see identification before they start working for you

Now simply follow the next steps to finding a PA! Good luck.

It's important to note the following: This website provides a facility for disabled people to search and hire their own personal assistants (PAs) and for PAs to advertise that they are available and looking for work. The site then acts as a sort of ‘dating agency,’ matching employers with suitable PAs looking for work in their area.

disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly set up Find Me a PA in direct response to the comments we were hearing from disabled people, their families and carers, about how difficult it was to find suitable PAs. However, we believe honesty is always the best policy and we want you to know how this site may not always meet all of your expectations. That’s because as an Employer you are responsible for organising interviews, any necessary background checks and agreeing an employment contract. disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly is not an employment agency, so we are not in a position to accept any responsibility for PAs who may fail to reply to your communication, attend the interview you have arranged or meet any other requirement you may have.

The main reason you may experience the above is because the PA has not kept their contact details up to date, or they haven’t replied to you because they have found an employer and are no longer using the site. Although Find Me a PA has to rely on the goodwill and consideration of PAs to keep their details current, we do monitor the users and if we should notice that a PA profile has been inactive, we will try to make contact ourselves and remove their profile as necessary. This is the only feasible safeguard we can offer to help maintain an online register of potential PAs who are dedicated and actively pursuing employment opportunities.

We hope you are successful in finding a PA through this site. With best wishes, the disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Team

Find Me A PA Membership Subscription

To be able to utilise this site as an employer and search for a Personal Assistant you first need to join the website.

To join you need to subscribe.

Subscription costs £10 per year and the subscription renews automatically every 1 year (365 days) until you cancel the subscription. The best way to think of the subscription and charge is like a Direct Debit, once you have subscribed it will keep you subscribed until you decide to cancel. Please note you can cancel at anytime within your subscription period.

"What does subscribing to the site entail?"

You simply click the "Subscribe" button below and this will then take you to our PayPal merchant account. Once you have made payment an email will be sent to you with your account login access details (username and password). Simply return to the site and login.

Cancelling my subscription.

To cancel your subscription with

1. Login to your PayPal account
2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
3. Select My Money.
4. In the 'My pre-approved payments' section, click Update.
5. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click cancel.
6. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

This will then cancel to subscription to

Should you wish in the future to resubscribe, you can simply return to the site and login with your original account details, upon logging in you will be automatically presented with the subscribe page. Click the subscribe button, make payment at PayPal and return to the site.

Please Note: By clicking on the Subscribe button below you are agreeing to the Employer Terms and Conditions [ CLICK HERE ]

Findmeapa is hosted by disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly, you will be directed to disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly's Secure PayPal site for payments.

PA Employer Membership Subscription

The subscription terms are set to the following.

  • £10.00 (GBP) Per Year


Please be patient whilst we take a moment to transfer you to the secure payment page...

Payment and what happens next?

  • Upon arriving at the PayPal payment page, simply choose your payment method and make payment.
  • After payment has been taken an email will be sent to you with your login details (Username and Password).
  • Please allow approximately 5-10 minutes for our system to update with your details before attempting to log in.
  • Return to the PA Register Home Page and login with the emailed details.
  • Upon logging in you can change your login details by clicking the "Edit Profile" button in the Main Menu.